Why You Should Not Use Makeup To Cover Varicose Veins

Why You Should Not Use Makeup To Cover Varicose Veins


Like millions of women in America, you’ve probably tried to cover up the varicose veins on your legs with make-up. Which is great…until you want to swim, hike, or even simply relax on a lounge chair.

You deserve to feel confident. In skirts, in shorts, in a bathing suit – in whatever! Varicose veins can make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable, especially in social situations.

There are tons of blog articles out there teaching women how to perfectly conceal their leg veins with body makeup. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Body makeup?! But, I already spend 30 minutes each morning doing my face makeup!”. We feel your pain. Concealing varicose veins should not become a regular activity!

Between having to find the right makeup, applying it, treading carefully to make sure you don’t smear it on any furniture – it’s a downright hassle!

But what if there is a way to make your spider veins vanish for good? The only way to make those unsightly leg veins go away is to undergo treatment. The good news is, that treatment is minimally invasive and has short recovery time. Beautiful, younger looking legs is not out of reach!