Triple Threat Body Contouring

Discover the Amazing Benefits of Our Unique “Triple Threat Body Contouring” Harnessing the Power of Multi-Channel Radio-frequency, Laser and Lymphatic drainage massage!

The struggle to stay fit and trim is a very real one and, for some, may feel like a losing battle. Whether your concerns include extra inches, flabbiness, or dimpling skin, at vivaMD Medical Spa & Weight Management in Fremont, CA, we have combined three powerful treatment procedures in order to take body contouring to the next level. We call it the “Triple Threat Body Contouring” package and it was designed to help you purge unwanted pounds, tightenskin, eliminate toxins, boost your lymphatic system, and stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin.

Under the direction of Board Certified Medical professional, we have combined the amazing power of bothtechnology and nature to help your body achieve better contour and overall wellness without surgery. By joining Multi-channel radio frequency, Laser treatments, and Lymphatic drainage massage, we can maximize the full benefits of each therapy to your body. These treatments offer fat reduction and improve the quality and health of the skin to produce real, lasting results.

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