The Reason Everyone Needs Massage

We’ve all heard that a massage helps us feel better, more relaxed and often more comfortable if we’ve had a neck ache, backache or something similar. But, how many of us truly understand the true benefits of massage?

There are many purposes for massage. They are another essential element of wellness. Massage has been used all over the world to ease the body, mind and soul for centuries. All massages help to improve circulation, relaxation and give us an improved sense of wellbeing – the “feel good” factor. The wide range of benefits also includes increased circulation of the blood to the heart, increased lymphatic drainage; improved help with metabolic waste that builds up in muscle tissue and more.
Types of massages can range from a Basic Massage, just for relaxation or to “feel good;” to a Therapeutic Medical Massage that can be a part of the healing plan your doctor might prescribe.
The therapeutic massage requires a more highly trained, experienced and highly skilled therapeutic massage professional. These massages can help our muscles to heal where they have been stressed from too much exercise, from an injury or surgery, or from a long term chronic condition. A true professional can provide relief in these areas where others might not.
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