Acne Treatments provided at vivaMD Medical Spa & Weight Management

Approximately 90% of all adolescents and 25% of all adults experience acne at some point in their lives. Acne is not caused by eating chocolate, greasy foods or bad hygiene. Young men and women get acne in equal numbers. Younger males are more prone to severe, longer-lasting forms of this skin condition. Many women suffer from “hormonal acne”—their outbreaks are tied to the hormonal changes related to their menstrual cycle. While hormonal acne typically starts between the ages of 20-25, it can strike teenagers as well. Hormonal acne is sometimes persistent in women in their 30s.

Acne is a common, chronic skin condition caused by inflammation of oil-producing sebaceous glands. Acne usually begins between the ages of ten and thirteen, and persists for five to ten years. Acne breakouts are most common on the face, but they can also occur on the back, shoulders, neck, chest, scalp, upper arms and legs.

In the U.S. alone, more than $1.4 billon is spent on acne medications and treatments each year. In many instances, the money spent yields less than satisfactory results and causes bothersome or dangerous side effects. Most prescription medications, such as antibiotics, require at least three months of continuous treatment before any improvement can be expected. Often, a second, third or fourth cycle of therapy is needed.

vivaMD Medical Spa & Weight Management offers a new solution for Acne Treatments. Effective, new combination therapy utilizing microdermabrasion and LightPod Neo laser. Medical Microdermabrasion deep cleans the pores of your skin by removing excess sebum and dead skin cells. vivaMD employ the most advanced Microdermabrasion machine by Altair that specifically designed to be used only by medical professionals. The lightPod Neo Laser then sterilizes the surface of your skin, killing the bacteria that causes acne inflammation.

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