Rosacea Treatment at vivaMD Medical Spa & Weight Management}

Rosacea is a very common condition of diffuse redness in the facial skin, but the affected area sometimes also contains small broken capillaries and larger facial vessels. The LightPod Neo is a unique 1064nm laser that can clear Rosacea and vessels in quick, gentle treatments without skin contact or cooling.

Rosacea is characterized by areas of diffuse redness on the face, but it may also include various small broken capillaries and larger telangiectasias. The LightPod Neo has the versatility to treat the larger area of diffuse redness first in a quick, easy treatment, and with a simple change of the lens, to target the broken capillaries and larger vessels with higher fluences. The treatments are uniquely gentle and quick, with no need for gels or skin cooling and no contact by the handpiece.

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