{Ingrown Hair Treatment at vivaMD Medical Spa & Weight Management}

New laser technology from Aerolase makes PFB treatment effective and safe, gently removing the lesions and surrounding Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation without any contact to the skin in just 1 to 3 treatments.
PFB (Pseudofolliculitis Barbae, i.e. ingrown hairs, razor bumps or beard bumps) is an irritating condition that is sometimes caused by shaving. It often appears in patients of darker skin types, including tanned skin and skin types IV through VI. The LightPod Neo 1064nm laser is unmatched in terms of efficacy, safety and gentleness of treatment for this application, thanks to its breakthrough 650-microsecond pulse technology. The laser selectively targets melanin in the underlying hair and follicle, as well as hyperpigmentation surrounding the lesion. Because the Neo’s unique 650-microsecond pulse duration is 50 to 500 times shorter than pulses durations typically used for hair removal by other laser technologies, the energy passes through the skin quickly and does not overheat the epidermal melanin. This results in new levels of skin safety by avoiding pigmentary risk. Also, because skin cooling is not necessary during treatment and the handpiece of the Neo does not contact the skin during treatment, the treatment is highly hygienic, fast and comfortable.

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