LightPod Era

Profound skin rejuvenation in a single treatment – with less downtime than any other modality.

The LightPod Era represents a new era in skin rejuvenation. The Era is a high precision 2940 nm laser that delivers high fluence in a unique collimated beam, employing a gentle 300-microsecond pulse duration. The laser uniquely allows for independent depth of ablation of shallow or deep indications within a treatment site, as well as precision targeting of difficult contours of the nose and periocular areas.

The LightPod Era literally vaporizes epidermal skin imperfections leaving the deeper layers of skin untouched. Treatments are quick, safe, and minimally invasive with low patient discomfort alleviated with a standard topical anesthetic. LightPod Era allows patients to achieve profound rejuvenation on the widest range of skin conditions including eradication of wrinkles (periocular fine lines, crow’s feet, smoke wrinkles), scar resurfacing (acne scars, burn scars), sun damage, age spots and other cutaneous lesions, and pore reduction among other treatments.

The LightPod Era also allows for completely non-invasive subablative skin rejuvenation technique when optimum amounts of laser energy are absorbed within the skin without disrupting the epidermis. This results in evening out the skin and the overall improvement of its look and texture. The LightPod Era is the product of extensive Aerolase clinical research and laser technology development. It delivers optimum laser energy parameters, which allow practitioners to achieve maximum therapeutic result but with minimum discomfort and downtime for the patient. Aerolase’s research team learned from and improved on the prior generation skin resurfacing technologies in a number of aspects.

While LightPod Era allows successful deep levels of ablation, it does so without creating thermal damage or charring to the non-ablated tissue, which is typical for CO2 lasers. Also, Era allows ablation in a highly controlled manner removing from just a few microns up to twenty five microns per pulse without dermacation lines or thermal damage lines typical for prior generation erbium lasers. Eliminating above mentioned deficiencies result in multiple advantages including much less treatment discomfort, faster healing, less down time, and overall better results for healthier looking skin.