Lose fat

Do not wait until the New Year to make weight loss a resolution! Under the supervision of our medical professionals at vivaMD Medical Spa & Weight Management you can lose weight fast and safely. since weight loss is not about crash dieting and strenuous workouts. Instead, our medical staff will designs an individualized program to suit the specific needs of each patient. Detection of vitamin and mineral deficiency or surplus is determined through Tissue Mineral Analysis and then counteracted, bringing balance back to the body and boosting natural energy.  A successful weight loss program gives hands on coaching and advocates for healthy life style changes that will last beyond a crash diet.  Schedule a free consultation with vivaMD Medical Spa & Weight Management and find a life changing solution with permanent results!

vivaMD  Med Spa & Weight Management programs are physician supervised programs that delivers exceptional weight loss without side effects. Our safe FDA approved medications combined with one-on-one counseling, dietary guidance and continued support provide optimal result. Our programs works to promote and maintain good health while patients achieve their weight loss goals.

vivaMD Medical staff are committed helping you reach your weight loss goal quickly, safely and effectively without adverse side effects. During your time on the program, you will have access to your medical staff, who will educate and guide you every step of the way. Regardless of your reason for wanting to lose weight, vivaMD Medical Weight loss/management programs can help achieve your goal.

vivaMD’s weight loss programs work to promote and maintain good health while participants achieve their weight loss goal. While on our proven program, participants will have direct access to their medical team who will guide and support them every step of the way.