Facials Offer Long Term Health and Clarity for Our Skin

Facials give our skin a beautiful glow making us look much fresher, allowing the skin to breathe and absorb the nutrients from our skin care products. All very important reasons to have regular facials! However, there are long term benefits that are very important, too.  Among many other reasons, they can help protect the skin from dehydration and clean the skin deeply to the pore level which helps in the quest to prevent the small lines and wrinkles that come with age; helps prevent the enlargement of our pores; and, helps prevent acne which, in the long run, helps avoid acne scars (often the result if acne is not treated quickly and properly).


How do they protect from dehydration? Certain facials help protect from dehydration, mainly, because the top layer of the skin is removed so the infusion of hydrating and moisturizing nutrients from our masks, serums and moisturizers can effectively treat the fresh live skin. It is important to ensure the top layer is kept clean daily combined with periodic deep cleaning facials on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Without facials and twice a day cleansing, we are dealing with a mix of many things that can clog and damage the skin such as dead skin cells, body oil, and environmental pollution, to name a few.


Why is the cleaning of pores and reduction of enlarged pores important? Facials that offers deep cleaning features will help keep our pores cleaner, clearer and, ultimately, protect against the enlargement of our pores. Our skin collects the dust, dirt and grime of the day, of makeup, and more. These pollutants, combined with the natural oils in the skin, can clog our pores and, over time, cause them to stretch and become enlarged which then gives our skin a less smooth look and, more important, creates a breeding ground for blackheads, pimples and acne – all endangering the skin with the risk of infection and scaring. To prevent this, deep pore cleansing is vital. This can be managed effectively with a multi-step facial that includes features like microdermabrasion, pore vacuuming and/or extraction. Good, regular home maintenance using a high quality skin care line selected for our skin type is the necessary partner to keep our pores/skin as clear as possible. All of this affects the beauty of our skin over time. If the pores are kept clear and clean, they have a much better chance of remaining normal instead of becoming enlarged and/or scarred.


Other helpful actions that help maintain beautiful, healthy skin long term are:

  • Drink eight to 10 cups of water per day: Two cups of water before every meal and one cup before a snack mid-morning and afternoon.
  • Eat clean, healthy foods that are fresh, low in fat, low in sugar, and high in nutrients.
  • Use clean pillow cases every night or every other night to ensure your skin is not polluted by the skin cells that were sloughed off while we slept and, then, allowed to stay on our pillowcase to create germs and irritation that can damage the skin.
  • Daily use of a sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or higher. Sunscreens can be chosen for your skin type and many of the skincare lines have sunscreens developed to work with the skincare used daily. Besides chronic illness, sun damage is known as one of the most aging, damaging factor in our day-to-day lives.
  • Wear a hat to block the sun! This is a physical block of the damaging rays from the sun but works exceptionally well as a partner with a sunblock/sunscreen.


The facials at vivaMD are multi-faceted, designed to give you the best chance of addressing the many varied effects of pollution and aging.


There are many facials and plans to choose from. vivaMD offers facials that are performed by a medical professional to give you a higher level of treatment that cannot be provided by a regular facial performed by an Esthetician. Although regular facials performed by an Esthetician are helpful, the ingredients used in medical facials provided by a medical professional are of medical grade and can only be administered by a medical professional.


Beyond facials, the next step in preventative maintenance and/or the repair of damaged skin would be skin resurfacing using a laser or chemical peel. There are many options to choose from depending on our concerns and your skin’s needs.


To learn more about the facials and skin treatment options provided by vivaMD, please go to www.vivamd.com to learn more about different types of facials we offer.